How does Ayoa help?

Ayoa visual learning

Promotes visual learning

Visual learning plays a leading role in how neurodivergent people process information. It’s also renowned for its ability to increase our creativity, with 70% to 90% of information received by the brain being through visual channels.

  • Organize ideas visually across mind maps, task boards and whiteboards.
  • Add images, videos and files for visual stimuli.
  • Visual indicators on tasks, such as urgency and importance tags.
  • Use our intuitive drag and drop functionality.

Flexible approach for all

Ayoa is designed for all individuals and teams to work together in the same place. Our flexible approach allows neurotypical and neurodivergent people to work together in the way that suits them.

  • Choose between three unique mind map styles to aid your thinking.
  • Choose between three task board styles to suit your working preference.
  • Easily switch between different views at any time.
  • Speed keys available for keyboard navigation and control.
Ayoa is customizable
Awesome accessibility

Eliminate distractions

Work can get busy – but distractions can make it especially difficult for neurodivergent people to focus. Ayoa’s intuitive design helps you to cut out the clutter and organize your work with ease.

  • Show/hide information on mind maps to reduce distractions.
  • Use handy tabs within tasks to break down complex information, such as notes, checklists and more.
  • Change the background colors of mind maps and boards for easy reading.
  • Use Brainstorm solo mode on mind maps to focus on your own ideas before collaborating with others.

Frequently Asked Questions on Neurodiversity

To give you more info, we’ve provided some FAQs specifically around neurodiversity.

Neurodivergent is an adjective that describes a person (singular), whose brain functioning or neurology is different from what is typically expected. When someone’s brain functions as typically expected, they are called ‘neurotypical’.

Currently, research is unsure. Previous studies estimated that 1 in 7 people were neurodivergent, but recent estimates suggest that this could be between 30-40% of the population. These statistics highlight the need to address the challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals across the globe.

There is no one ‘test’ for neurodivergence. If you have concerns about yourself or a loved one, speak to a trusted medical professional about your symptoms and challenges.

In the UK, there are several schemes and grants available to support you. Most notably, the Access to Work scheme available for employees or business owners, and the DSA scheme for students in further and higher education. There are also numerous charitable organisations that support individuals with neurological differences. Additionally, you can speak to your GP if you think you might have any difficulties stemming from a neurological condition.


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