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Career Path template

Map out the stages of your career path, or a particular career path in your organization with Ayoa’s Career Path template.

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Revision Timetable Template (Subject View)

Give every one of your exams the treatment they need so that come the big day you know everything you need to know with Ayoa’s Subject Revision Timetable Template.

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Topical Quiz

Consolidate your learning by injecting an element of fun, interaction and even an edge of competition with Ayoa’s Topical Quiz template.

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Class Notes

Explore your academic needs and build an efficient note taking process in lectures with Ayoa’s Class Notes template.

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Essay Plan

Create your perfect essay structure with Ayoa’s Essay Plan Template.

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Morning of the Exam Ritual

Stay cool, calm and collected and perform better in your exams with Ayoa’s Morning of the Exam Ritual template.

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Revision Timetable (Week View)

Smash your study goals this year and remain focused on your tasks with Ayoa’s Revision Timetable Template.

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