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Use AI to expand your mind maps

AI in Mind maps – Create well thought out plans using artificial intelligence to expand on your thoughts and ideas. Ayoa’s AI will add suggestive branches and explanations around your topic to cover all aspects of your project, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

AI in Whiteboards

AI in Whiteboards – Use AI to create whiteboards ready to launch projects from. AI in Whiteboards will help you explore a particular topic in different forms like SWOT analysis, create pros and cons lists or even just list down random ideas around a topic.

Get a prepared list of sources

Bibliography Support – Enjoying creating mind maps and directly exporting them into essays and reports in Word format? With Ayoa, now you will also have prepared citations at hand. So don’t worry about listing down the sources separately, Ayoa will do it for you!

Easily convert mind maps to PowerPoint Presentations

Export your Mind maps into a PowerPoint Presentation – Ayoa will give you the option of exporting its mind maps into a PowerPoint Presentation. It’s now easier to make creative presentations and deliver them to your colleagues or friends even if they do not use Ayoa.

Create a common idea bank for all mind maps, task boards and whiteboards

Global Idea Bank – Create a common idea bank for all your wildest ideas – every one of them will hold potential! If you feel like an idea generated in one mind map, in fact fits better elsewhere, easily access your global idea bank and add it to your mind map, whiteboard or task board of choice. Find all your great ideas in one place and make sure none of them are overlooked.


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